Graffiti Removal by Miracle Maintenance

Graffiti is not only ugly, but is destructive. It greatly impacts property values and if not taken care of, can advance gang related activities. Miracle Maintenance offers a quick and professional solution to the removal of graffiti restoring the damaged area to a “like new” appearance.

Graffiti Removal Tips

Here are some important tips to follow if you have become a victim of graffiti damage.
  • Call us as soon as possible. Graffiti removal is easier when it's done soon after the incident. Quick removal diminishes chances of re-occurrence.
  • Call your local police department. Police action can help reduce the spread of graffiti.
  • Determine what material the graffiti is covering.
  • Determine what was used to make the graffiti. Common graffiti mediums include spray paint, markers, and stickers.

Graffiti Removal With Soda Blasting

Miracle Maintenance has a number of professional methods for removing graffiti damage to your Phoenix property. Our most effective technique is soda blasting. Soda Blasting uses bicarbonate of soda, known more commonly as baking soda, to remove graffiti damage. This FDA approved material is an excellent way to remove graffiti as it contains no silica, is non-toxic, is non-sparking, non-flammable, and environmentally safe. Our graffiti removal professionals use state-of-the-art equipment that directs the soda onto the damaged area and removes graffiti completely. Soda blasting is also advantageous as it greatly minimizes the damage to the surface under the graffiti damage.

Depending on the surface that the graffiti is on, as well as the material used to create the graffiti, a Miracle Maintenance graffiti professional can use other effective treatments including high pressure washing, glass bead blasting and corn cob blasting. A Miracle Maintenance professional will be able to determine the most effective method of removing the offending graffiti.

You can depend on the graffiti removal services provided by Miracle Maintenance to restore you Phoenix Property back to normal.

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